Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hi Family and friends:  It has been a while sense I updated my blog.  It has been a really busy January for me.  I must say that I had a wonderful, fun  Christmas this year and I owe it all to my good family.  Thanks everyone for making my life full and complete.  I loved California and spending Christmas with all the Barton family.  It was beyond wonderful.  Thanks Doug and Robin for your generosity and sharing your family with me.  Thanks to my daughters and husbands for always being there for me.  Thanks to my grandchildren who never seen to forget me and include me in so many of their special occasions.  I thank my Heavenly Father every night for each one of you.  I love each one of you dearly.  I know Dad would be so pleased with our family and so proud of you.  I know he blesses our life very day.    Will try to post a little more often.  Oh, our calendar is just about done, thanks to Brandon and Pam, hope you all like them.  Love you All  Grandma B.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hi All:  Just wanted to tell you what a fun day Lisa and I had on Veteran's Day on Wed.  We decided we wanted to go to Moroni to get turkey's, so we did then we dropped down to Salina to pick up Deb (who was sick) and then went on to visit Tara in Richfield.  It was so fun to see them all again.  Amy and Alysa  were their. but Amy had to leave after we arrived.  Gavin, was so cute, h e had not forgotten me, he wanted me to watch Mickey Mouse with  him, so me, Alysa and Gavin watched M.M.  Then we got to hold and love Jenna.  She is so darn cute-in the later afternoon, she was awake for a couple of hours.  We enjoyed her.  Then Lisa, Tara and I went to Maurices shopping.  We justified it because Tara had a coupon.  When we got back Becky, Halie and Huter had arrived from St. Goerge.  We all had fun talking and watching the kid's play.   It was a great day and I had really enjoyed it.  Thanks everyone for making it so fun.  Sorry we didn't see Krista and the kids, that would have make it better.  Becky followed us home and it's been fun to see the kids and her.  We got home late - but didn't care-I can sleep in when ever I want to.  Love you all 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Well here I am home again and trying to get ready for winter to come.  I have been really busy in my yard and getting everything put away for winter.  Just had to tell you about my fast trip to California, down to Doug and Robins.  Pam, Deb and I had such a fun trip, the Barton's were so good to us.  We spent a fun day in S.F. and a day up to Napa-even attended a cooking demo-very interesting.  It was all so great and I really enjoyed getting away.  Just wished Lisa could have gone with us.
Just a few days before that I went to St. George with Lisa and had a few fun days with Becky, Brett, Hallie and Hunter.  I am really blessed with a great family.
I really miss little Gavin and am planning to go down for a few days in a couple of weeks.  It will be so fun to love the baby and see Gav again-hope he will remember our good times-Mickey Mouse and playing.  Today, Leslie, Makenzie, Annie and Brook came and played for a while.  I got to hold and love the baby.  She is really growing and is so sweet.  Tomorrow Jen and Wade our coming for a visit.  
Hey, we had a fun halloween party sunday.  Was glad Amy, Kyle and kids could come and stay.  Amy and me had a great time cooking away Sunday afternoon.  I told her we should cook together more often.  We both love to cook.  Krista, Velma, Dylan and Dax were up to and came to the party.  I just have to say that Katelyn, Myself, Dylan and Keaton had a fun time at the  moving  "Where the Wild Things Are."  Katelyn  and I remembered  how much Dad loved that
 book.  What a fun and interesting few weeks this has been, I have loved it.   Love you all   Nanny Bart

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hi Family:I spent a fun weekend in St. George with Pam, Dave and Kelsey.  We stayed at Nate and Aubrey's out in Washington.  Josie and Chase are doing so good in their new schools, I think they all really are liking St. George.  What's not to like.  Hay, was that a great football game of BYU.  We had great fun saturday night, with Dave's famous wings and a lot of good food, then for BYU to win at the last second was really exciting.  Even Nate was cheering for BYU.   On Sunday we all went to Zions  for the Day.  I had forgotten how beautiful it is.  It brought back a lot of fun memories of trips our family has enjoyed  over the years.  Sunday evening Brett, Becky and children came over for dinner, it was fun to see them.  Little Hunter is really growing and Halie is as cute as ever.   Of course we did a little shopping at the mall's on Monday and then came home.  Really a fun week end.  Thanks Nate and Aubrey for having us.  
  I am really involved in DUP right now making a booklet and getting dues in.  This morning Leslie brought the girls by for a visit.  It was such a bright spot in my day.  I do enjoy having  them drop in.   Also, I met Kurt, Tara and Gavin at the Mall.  Sounds like we will be having a new baby in Sept.  It is so exciting to think that little Jenna will soon be here.  We love her already.  Isn't our family blessed with these two new babies coming soon.  Leslie was trying to come up with a name for their baby today.  She might like your suggestions.  
  Love you all.  As you can see from this note-my family is my life.  Thanks everyone.  Nannybart 

Saturday, August 29, 2009

well, with the help of Tara I am able to enter the world of blogging.  Just wait until my friends hear about this, will they be impressed.  Hope they know what blogging is.  I have had such a fun few days, on Wednesday Deb came up and we went to Katelyn's soft ball game and on Thursday we had fun shopping-went over to Rod Works big sell. On Friday Kurt, Tara and Gavin came up to the baby Doctor for Tara- and for a  check up for Gavin with the Dr. that helped them with his ears.  Right know all seems to be well with them.  We had dinner at P F Changs and enjoyed it a lot.  On Saturday morning after I finally woke up we shopped and returned items and had lunch.  I enjoyed their visit so much.  That little Gavin is a sweetheart.  Want you all to know how much I enjoy your blogs, its a fun way to keep in touch.  Love you all.